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10 Feb 2012 21:43:42
SCD Sports. You got it wrong old chum.I have been told they wanted SISU to trade some of their football card collections. that is if the supporters wanted to collect them.

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That doesn't even make sense

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10 Feb 2012 17:15:12
31 Jan 2012 17:25:29
Keith Andrews is on his way to Hogwood to have a medical with Reading. He has turned down a contract at Ipswich, two other clubs also interested but it looks like Reading lead the way.

Reading have also made a loan offer Tottenham attacking midfielder Gio Dos Santos. Rejected by Spurs. They want to sell.

Keith Andrews is on his way to Hollywood, for a remake of Escape to Victory - the last time any Ipswich players were on the telly. Norwich are always on these days.

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Yes you are a bit like gold you keep on giving us a good laugh watching your rubbish

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Didn,t he go to West Brom ?

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10 Feb 2012 16:05:14
Why has no-one mentioned Martin O'Neil?! - I reckon now there's new faces at the FA (and time the healer) M O'N would be worth approaching.. as surely now the decision whether or not Beckham will play is off the agenda.. or is it?

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10 Feb 2012 15:42:45
if we done repossessions they would probably be the best repossessions in the world.
diouf gets his car seized for failing to keep up payments .lol

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10 Feb 2012 15:22:17
England Manager: Harry Redknapp
Team for 2012

Joe Hart
Ashley Cole
Rio Ferdinand
Michael Dawson
Micah Richards
Michael Carrick
Gareth Barry
Steven Gerrard
Frank Lampard
Peter Crouch
Wayne Rooney

Rest of Squad

Robert Green
Scott Carson
Gary Cahill
Joleon Lescott
John Terry
Glen Johnson
Scott Parker
James Milner
Ashley Young
Theo Walcott
Adam Johnson
Daniel Sturridge
Danny Welbeck

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And if any other players wish to break into the squad, please get in touch via Monaco Account 'Rosie47'.

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Ha ha look at that midfield, need I say more ?

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10 Feb 2012 13:36:04
kevin-prince boateng said he would return to play at fratton park
Just did not say when!

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Wants to hurry up they wont be there much longer down the pan they go yeeessss

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10 feb 2012 10:52:05
had to laugh at smith as to come
back . not a hope in hell , he could
see the mountain to climb before he left.
no dosh , that lot are winning every week
we can still win this league and
that would really quiz that lots
fans, they would turn on lennon.
i have hope for aluko , like to see
ness bedoya hemmings mckay perry
mccabe all get a crack .maybee try
3 center halfs and let wallace as aan
attacking wing back . mcmillian
could have done the same . sad
we let him go. let get off the backs
of players and get behind them.
mervan is getting settled into a huge
club. he is very young and away from home , he can come good.

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09 Feb 2012 23:53:45
He should be ENGLAND MANAGER as he has the experience
England should not be managed by

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Pearce what planet u on m8

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Whats stuart pearce ever done nothing

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First of all, redknapp was aquitted. Second, Pearce is hardly a saint. Just this morning the sun ran his racism case story, admittedly 18 years ago, but still a shady past

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Shady past?! If everything we did 18 years ago was held against us we'd all be knackered. Bet you were wetting yourself 18 years ago.

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I hope Redknapp gets the job, then when the world crashes at euro 2012 and world cup 2014 everyone will be hounding him out big time! Everywhere you look telly text, sky sports news, live games its all about how great England are, how many world class players they have and how wonderful Redknapp is. Cant wait for to see disappointed faces in the summer

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Stuart Pearce------HA HA HA HA HA HA. To be honest does it really matter who the England manager is? I dont think England will get there hands on a trophy for a long time. Over rated big heads

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No smoke without fire but what a waste of money 11m legal BILL to chase 50% TAX on 200K ?

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Its not as bad as the millions Chelsea have wasted on AVB and Torres,now thats wasting money big time.

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