Football Banter Archive April 10 2013


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10 Apr 2013 19:16:34
pablo osvaldo to spurs this summer

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10 Apr 2013 18:52:09
Not transfer related but a planning application for a new North Stand at BP has just been approved by OMBC planning committee. The plan is to start building sometime in Summer

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10 Apr 2013 15:25:06
You won't get Paddy, He's going to the Championship if Yeovil go up or not.

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10 Apr 2013 03:16:58
Whoever takes the Leeds job at ER will need to know the pressure he will be facing from the fans
and also inside knowledge about the club. I think the
person will only come in after the last 5 games has been played because he does not want to be responsible if leeds goes down to division 1. I feel the best person for this job goes to Poyet or O'Leary because they know the club inside out and have done it before. If Poyet is the man Leeds want then
Leeds will have to pay compensation to Brighton for
his services. If not O'Leary comes in. Brian Macdermott and Roberto DImatteo comes in as outside contenders fo the vacancy at Leeds. GFH needs to act fast to solve this issue and back the
new manager with investment to bring in good quality players. Bring in the right man Leeds will
be in the Premier League soon but bring the wrong one in Division 1 here we come. The ball is at your court GFH. MOT.

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Poyet to Leeds, no chance, why would he want to work with these owners?
Leeds will get a Manager that is currently out of work or from a lower tier club.

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How wrong was you lower tier club try again?

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If it is McDermott I will have been correct, as I believe he is out of work after being sacked by Reading.

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You also said from a lower tier club smart arse

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I said 'or' in between, obviously your Understanding of the English language is not very good.

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