22 Aug 2013 11:03:13
Southampton's summer spending is definitely not over after Pochettino made comments saying he is still very much so in the market. Big things expected as well after Lovren said that this seasons target is Europa and next seasons target is Champions League!

1.) 22 Aug 2013
Yeah, and Argyle are going to win the FA cup!

2.) 23 Aug 2013
Champions leauge lol europa could be a possability though just hope you lose to us tomoro tho

3.) 23 Aug 2013
Sunderland for f a cuo saints for europe the surprise package newcastle hull crystal pallace going down get your bets on these safc

4.) 23 Aug 2013
Well bryherpilgrim this time last year who would have bet on Wigan winning the FA Cup, while I appreciate your dreams are make believe ours may not be