15 Jul 2013 12:29:40
Hull fan here, just want to say unlucky about last season, I reckon you guys deserved promotion but there is always this year and with us and Cardiff not being there you guys have a real shot. Troy Deeney scored twice against us but his goal in the blue shirt was great although at that time heartbreaking. Good luck to you all and hope to see you join us in the prem, I wonder what Holloway is going to say now that the loan thing has changed

1.) 15 Jul 2013
What? Billy big time hull! Your having a laugh. Your going to get spanked in the prem. You finished second in a mediocre championship. You and Cardiff hardly blew anyone away and on their day any team could turn hull over. Wasn't it bolton who battered you to a three nil lead in about first 4-5 mins? Teams that should have been challenging just didn't and that's why dross like Cardiff, hull and palace got such an easy ride. Watford had their chance and blew it. No chance this time round.

2.) 15 Jul 2013
PLEASE tell me that last post isn't from a SouRhampton fan!

3.) 16 Jul 2013
It certainly wasn't this Saints fan and sounds like the rubbish you were posting about us last season. Obviously a nameless troll like you.

4.) 16 Jul 2013
Im confused, why would this be a Southampton fan?

5.) 17 Jul 2013
Since when was the championship ever easy. hull stayed up thete all season. yes there were a few dips in form but as a whole they deserved to go up. you can't say any other team in that league is better than us or cardiff because the simple answer is we got promoted because we got more pionts. and that makes a good team. give hull its due we came from obscurity 12 years ago now look were we are so stop sucking sour lemons