12 Jul 2013 20:31:27
Awful lot of money for wanyama anyone agree. Looked good in champions league but cork and spider were outstanding last year. It's a proven striker we need. Glad to see we signed a class cb. Pity forren wasn given a chance to at least have a go.

1.) 12 Jul 2013
Nope but i'm sure some nameless trolls will agree. Quality doesn't come cheap or easily so patience re the striker. Poch obviously thought Forren wasn't good enough to command a 1st team place so that's good enough for me. Shaw is good enough though!

2.) 13 Jul 2013
Lots of rumours coming out from the training at the end of last season the Forren wasn't cutting it, Poch thought so and has moved the player on

3.) 13 Jul 2013
Cardiff saw sense and pulled out, step up soton, who's fans were saying they didn't want Wanyama when he preffered Cardiff, but now he's world class, lol, so that's arrogant, deluded and fickle, lol

4.) 13 Jul 2013
How did you know my middle names

5.) 14 Jul 2013
A nameless troll re-writing history lol, now that's arrogant, deluded and fickle lol