03 Jul 2015 08:45:03
I am starting this post with an apology to all the people that have posted rumours on here that Middlesbrough were about to re-sign Stewart Downing, I countered pretty much every post with a reason why it was incorrect or not possible.
Middlesbrough will announce two new signings next week, Mr Downing being one of them. west ham are willing to accept a lower fee from Middlesbrough as we are not going to be battling it out with them next season, still in excess of 5m but they wanted more from Sunderland, Stoke and Newcastle.
Unsure on the second signing but I am told that Karanka and Bausor have pulled off their main transfer targets in time to get things prepared for an assault on the championship next season, the second player is a striker from a premier league club.
Personally I think it will be Cameron Jerome but I was also told this morning that Glen Murrayso name had been muted within the club and would be available for just 3 million apparently (found that hard to believe), he is however coveted by other premier league sides at the moment, possibly the capture of Downing will show positive signs to any other potential signings.
karanka felt his team lacked a cutting edge on too many occasions last season and Lee Tomlin's inconsistent performances have spurred him on to go all out for a game changing midfielder, enter Stewart Downing.
I am torn on this signing, Stewie is a fantastic player with the ball and has incredible delivery with final balls and set pieces, I just pray he can cope with the intensity of the division, his class will stand out for sure but he is a confidence player also, the jury will be out.
A big gamble folks but one Karanka is willing to make.
Other signings will be loans only, take your pick from Chelsea really.

1.) 03 Jul 2015
03 Jul 2015 10:21:09
hope so, this could be what we need. up the boro.

2.) 03 Jul 2015
03 Jul 2015 11:59:30
Jerome spearheaded's our attack, top scorer last season, he will start the first game of the season in the premier league. he just simply isn't available for transfer to anyone right now.
This rumour has been made up by a teenager playing too much football manager probably.
So please stop repeating it boro fans. its getting a little awkward.

3.) 03 Jul 2015
03 Jul 2015 12:26:08
This rumour is nonsense, West Ham will sell downing to the highest bidder and I suspect downing will only sign for the club paying the highest wages, Middlesbrough will only sign him if no other premier league clubs come in for him and frankly at £7 mil the quoted price it's unlikely.

As for Jerome leaving Norwich premier club for championship football, it just won't happen. Norwich would not sell him, nor would Jerome want to move. After scoring 20 goals last season his value would be upwards of £7mil based on that quoted figure for former Norwch striker Chris Martin at Derby.

Good luck to Middlesbrough next season but I think you will find it very tough to repeat last year.

4.) 03 Jul 2015
03 Jul 2015 14:18:30
Hero me is not a premiership quality striker though he's a good championship striker Norwich will have better targets than jerome if they are serious about staying up this time round

5.) 03 Jul 2015
03 Jul 2015 14:50:14
According to the Northern echo we have Downing!!!

6.) 03 Jul 2015
03 Jul 2015 22:43:42
Joint announcement that the brother in laws will both be playing for Boro nxt year. John or Stuey for captain????

7.) 04 Jul 2015
04 Jul 2015 07:28:49
I hope your right Agent Lm

8.) 04 Jul 2015
04 Jul 2015 11:32:59
There's an arrangement in place for his playing contract to be mutually terminated if he's injured to often or not playing at all. He will then switch to the coaching team and continue working with the under 16s

9.) 04 Jul 2015
04 Jul 2015 14:35:45
Sounds believable and youve delivered in the past. Up to mr Bausor to finish it off now.