02 Jan 2015 12:41:56
AFC Bournemouth are interested in signing Luke Freeman of Bristol City during the January transfer window. Bournemouth already have other targets such as Sam Vokes of Burnley and Jed Wallace of Portsmouth.

1.) 02 Jan 2015
Hasn't Vokes been injured all season!

2.) 02 Jan 2015
02 Jan 2015 13:43:43
We won't sell Vokes to a club in the lower leagues when he's barely had a chance this season. Would be looking at £3.5-£4million to tempt us.

3.) 02 Jan 2015
Ha! I love it "we won't sell vokes to a club in the lower legues" ok mate we'll wave when we pass you getting promoted to the BPL as you get relegated

4.) 02 Jan 2015
Love this. Vokes to Bournemouth haha can't stop laughing. Tell me why we would sell a guy who had a massive impact on us getting promoted and is just about to come back from injury to get his chance in the Prem?. In other news Burnley are interested in signing Messi.

5.) 02 Jan 2015
02 Jan 2015 22:27:54
Haha wow must of missed this?!?! how long have Burnley been a massive established premiership club then? What they smoking at turf moor? They'll need Vokes though to fill the gap when Ings moves to a genuine big club. He won't score from open play this season I doubt. I wish Bournemouth all the best a great little set up down there with very passionate fans. Hope to see you next season #LFC

6.) 03 Jan 2015
03 Jan 2015 13:16:12
Bristol city have a rich owner and do not need to sell unless a stupid offer comes in

7.) 03 Jan 2015
Where does anybody say that Burnley are a massive established Prem team? What Clarets I said was Votes had a massive impact on us getting promoted and he's just about to get his chance in the Prem. I think you should stick to looking out for your own team who last year were obviously a one man team because since he's left you are dreadful at best. Plus your best player in Prem history doesn't want to stay because he knows this to be true.

8.) 04 Jan 2015
Chill out fella ^^^^

9.) 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 12:44:46
Burnley are one of the very few clubs in England who value their players over money, we would not discard a player of such quality without a good reason

10.) 05 Jan 2015
^^ that will be why Charlie Austin and Jay Rodrigues are still playing up front for you then lol

11.) 05 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2015 21:56:01
I said with good reason mate, both of those players played well enough to move to bigger clubs. lol

12.) 20 Jan 2015
I believe both Jay Rod and Austin were offered and declined improved deals so were both sold on with less than 12 months left on their contracts redboy