20 Aug 2013 23:48:03
Jason Puncheon set to join Palace on a season-long loan deal with Scott Sinclair being his replacement. Saints expected to buy him from City for a fee of around £5,000,000.

1.) 21 Aug 2013
Yep heard this too as wba have stalled and scotts brother jake is here already would miss punch though!

2.) 21 Aug 2013
Cannot see oswaldo replacing lambert he's overrated, in fact if they sell lambert I will cut my season ticket up

3.) 21 Aug 2013
We have so many players that we are trying to unload that it does seem strange that we would get rid of someone who can hack it in the first team.

4.) 21 Aug 2013
West Brom want to loan for a season, with city wanting a commitment to buy at the end. Saints will get in cheap if they take him now.

5.) 21 Aug 2013
Looks like the club are going to be a mutual. Admiration society everyone liking everybody, hope it works sometimes loose cannons are the best players.

6.) 21 Aug 2013
'Oswaldo' is not overrated and he's not replacing Lambert. they will partner each other upfront

7.) 21 Aug 2013
Surely luke shaw isn't thinking of moving to united, can't see cortese letting him go unless it's silly money but often its down to the player.

8.) 21 Aug 2013
Jason is moving back to be closer to his family. I believe it was his idea.

9.) 21 Aug 2013
He wants the move to be closer to his family. can't really argue with that, wish him all the best

10.) 21 Aug 2013
Osvaldo was not bought to replace Lambert! In Rome he and Lamela played on either side on Totti (who played the false number 9 role.

11.) 21 Aug 2013
Really hope Punch doesn't go. He's sorted himself out and was key for us last season. For me if we play 442 he should start on the right. We need him!

12.) 21 Aug 2013
I honestly have no idea why some people are crying over Lambert leaving, he won't go. Also, what relevance is this to Puncheon and Sinclair? Cry somewhere else.

Puncheon heading to palace on loan due to personal/family reasons. Will he much closer to home (Croydon). Wish all the best to him and hope we haven't seen the last of him in a saints shirt.

13.) 21 Aug 2013
Someone has been reading the papers! Would be suprised if sinclair went to southampton. surely he is looking to go to a top 10 prem league team?!

14.) 21 Aug 2013
Shaw isn't going anywhere, saints are still odds on in the betting for sinclair and banega!

15.) 21 Aug 2013
What do a lot of these comments have to do with Jason? Rickie and Luke being mentioned?

16.) 21 Aug 2013
Let's hope puncheon going to palace doesn't haunt us, saints being relegated and palace staying up.

17.) 21 Aug 2013
Exactly why he would go to saints. we will be a top 10 prem league team this season. hopefully

18.) 21 Aug 2013
Saints are the 3rd highest spenders in the premier league. That shows ambition and intent. That's why Sinclair would want to come to The south coast. Oh and the fact that his little brother plays for our academy might sway him.

19.) 21 Aug 2013
"Let's hope puncheon going to palace doesn't haunt us, saints being relegated and palace staying up. " Whoever commented this obviously has no idea what they are in about. Southampton will not be relegated, look at our squad, there is no way we will be going down. How on earth could Puncheon haunt us. He's a brilliant player yes and probably now one of Palace's best players if you comparing the two squads Saints have a lot more class and depth.

20.) 21 Aug 2013
Are people for real saying Punch wants to go to palace to be closer to his family?! Southampton to Croydon! That's no distance!

21.) 22 Aug 2013
That's what Blackburn said with their squad they'd nevever go down blimey just look into history or perhaps you haven't followed football for long, nothing is guaranteed that why man city went to div 3 .

22.) 22 Aug 2013
"Family problems"

Not to be with his family. He's only just signed a contract so it must be a fairly good reason. He was also really settled with the players.

It's a shame but its just one of those things.

23.) 22 Aug 2013
WBA want him on loan and Man City wants a commitment to buy, which they won't give. We are happy to purchase straight away. No reason for him not to come here, 3rd highest spenders, guaranteed game time, brother in academy, other english talent. let's wrap it up and get on to the next player.

24.) 22 Aug 2013
The person who said letting puncheon go to palace could haunt us is a long life season ticket holder by the way. Would spurs sell bale to arsenal think about it.

25.) 22 Aug 2013
The talk is that City made out Saints were interested just to get wba moving on the deal. That we didn't make a serious enquiry and that our targets are abroad.

26.) 22 Aug 2013
The long life season ticket holder is living in the past. Punch always struggled to make the first 11 and the Bale comparison is ridiculous. It's brilliant going into a new season and not expecting a relegation battle. Hope you live long enough to get used to it.

27.) 23 Aug 2013
Who scored the goal against qpr I think the guys right you don't let players go to the opposition a last minute penalty at west brom means we are safe ( wake up )

28.) 23 Aug 2013
Who knows what's round the corner for saints or any other club just hope we are injury free and we play the top team prior to their European games

29.) 23 Aug 2013
I don't think puncheon struggled in saints sides in fact he turned games round when coming on as as substitute, perhaps he wasn't a favorite, manages do have them

30.) 23 Aug 2013
Saints wouldn't be daft enough to let puncheo play against us in his contract

31.) 23 Aug 2013
It's great to see everyone sticking up for their team the set up at saints but the three signing may prove no better than what we have. Don't get carried away.

32.) 23 Aug 2013
Don't think saints gazza must have been drinking puncheon was a good player for saints that's why he got a 3 year contract.

33.) 23 Aug 2013
We played some of our best football under Harry rednapp, although his hands were tied but still went down.

34.) 23 Aug 2013
The odds on for Sinclair going to saints didn't work out, any more predictions.