13 Aug 2013 08:07:14
Southampton expect to complete the signing of Italian striker Pablo Osvaldo in time for the opening game of the season. A fee has been agreed between the two clubs, and personal terms agreement to follow. Expect a medical on Thursday

1.) 13 Aug 2013
Not a chance saints have only signed 2 players and have no chance of champions league so why would he go to st marys

2.) 13 Aug 2013
He's also, privately, agreed terms with Inter Milan.

3.) 13 Aug 2013
We are seeing if by placing more money on the table we can make things happen. Remember Wanyama turned us down for the same reasons too but we got him in the end.
Osvaldo was also brought to Espanyol by MoPo and thrived under him there, he was also born in Argentinian although he has an Italian passport.
I don't think it will happen - but it's not stupid to think it could.

4.) 13 Aug 2013
13 Aug 2013 12:41:04
I don't think his decision will depend on how many players have already signed.

5.) 13 Aug 2013
Why does saints only having signed 2 players mean their is no chance? Plus he currently does not have Champions league anyway.

6.) 13 Aug 2013
13 Aug 2013 13:07:24
Seems this is going the same way the Wanyama transfer did, I believe other fans also said that wouldn't happen! So we shall wait and see. I feel the Don is going about his business quite nicely!

7.) 13 Aug 2013
For all our initial promise we have only really improved at CB with DL. With Clyne and Shaw injured we will be found out. No cover on either wing and no cover up front. We have no strength in depth at all. I think we will go down

8.) 13 Aug 2013
Why would he not go to Saints? Two quality signings already, ambitious Chairman, rich owners, plenty of prospects. Exciting times!

9.) 13 Aug 2013
I agree this doesn't sound genuine. The fee was agreed some time ago, personal terms have always been the problem.

Like the above posted so delicately put, he doesn't want to come to saints. But the reasoning is he wants to stay in Italy to increase his chances of playing for the national side. Also I wouldn't blame him for considering Saints a step down, for now

10.) 13 Aug 2013
'why would he go to st marys'. I dunno, ask Wanyama and Lovren who both left champions league clubs.

11.) 13 Aug 2013
A fee has been agreed between 2 clubs and Roma are trying to push the move. its just up to him now. Roma won't accept Inter Milan's bid because they are trying to get him on the cheap a few days before the transfer window shut therefore leaving Roma with not many days to try and bring in cover.

Wolfsburg offered less, Fulham and Athletico Madrid Have gone quiet leave saints in pole position

12.) 13 Aug 2013
Would be a great signing, can see it happening personally

13.) 13 Aug 2013
What kind of saints fan would post that they think we'll go down? Have some faith

14.) 13 Aug 2013
If he played for Espanyol why wouldn't he play for Saints.

15.) 13 Aug 2013
The Premier League is bigger than the Italian league. He would play against the best clubs in the world, he would be watched in more countries than any other. Saints are not a step down and the league is much better.

16.) 13 Aug 2013
He wants to stay in Italy to increase his chances for playing for the national side. As a saints fan I hope he comes to us. Great player.

17.) 13 Aug 2013
Osvaldo is with the italian squad at the moment so a medical on Thursday is very unlikely and he's seems a bit of troublemaker not what saints players have

18.) 13 Aug 2013
Not going to happen, think we are being used again to get his value up then he will go to a bigger club ( agents)

19.) 14 Aug 2013
Wouldn't want osvaldo he's 27 already and we need to buy for the future like we normally do. Especially as lambert is getting old as well.