28 Jul 2013 08:57:23
Crystal Palace will move for these players this week:
James Ward-Prowse (Saints) - loan
Albert Adomah (Bristol C) - 1m
Charlie Austin (Burnley) - 3m

1.) 28 Jul 2013
Be very surprised if Palace will spend big, best Ollie will get is season long loans.
Palace chairman won't spend.

2.) 28 Jul 2013
James Ward Prouse is going nowhere!

3.) 28 Jul 2013
You really think southampton would be stupid enough to send jwp on loan

4.) 28 Jul 2013
28 Jul 2013 19:05:27
I thought Holloway was not in favour of the loan system. Beaten man already

5.) 29 Jul 2013
Sending him out on loan is just what he needs, you really think he's going to be getting regular games ahead on Schneiderlin, Wanyama, Cork and Davis?

6.) 29 Jul 2013
Sending him to a rival is not going to happen.

7.) 29 Jul 2013
Thankyou he can get some inportant exp on loan because I can't see him getting in the team plus we are set to make a bid for ever banega really don't see the point but would be a good signing.

8.) 29 Jul 2013
No we shouldn't send him out on loan. If he is good enough, he will get into the team, I think he is good enough. He will have to work very hard as will others to get into the team, which will only raise the standard.

9.) 29 Jul 2013
If we do loan him out and that is a if
he wouldn't be going to a club in competition with us

10.) 30 Jul 2013
30 Jul 2013 10:38:23
Just hope saints have a sell on clause as part of the Garth bale a part of £85000000 could be put to good use, build another layer on the stadium perhaps

11.) 30 Jul 2013
Rupert Lowe traded in our sell on clause for Bale for the legend that was Tommy Forecast.

12.) 30 Jul 2013
Saints did have a sell on clause, but they sold it : (

Still better £100 in the hand than £20mill in the bank as they say.

13.) 30 Jul 2013
We had a 15% sell on clause as part of the original deal when GB moved to spurs, this was widely publicised at the time. Rupert Lowe (satan himself) decided that we (he) needed funds so badly that he asked Tottenham to pay the second installment early in exchange for which he removed the 15% sell on clause from the deal and reduced the fee by 3 million pounds. Spurs paid just 7m for GB with no add ons!

14.) 30 Jul 2013
Saints don't have a sell on clause for Bale, instead we accepted Tommy Forecast and £2,000,000 I believe.

15.) 30 Jul 2013
No we don't we took tommy forecast in lieu of sell on. Good work!

16.) 30 Jul 2013
I believe the original sell on clause was 25%. Waived for 3mill!! So with what is being discussed at the moment 20-25mill. or to put it in a current context, the Leandro Damiao asking price!!

17.) 30 Jul 2013
Saints gave bale his chance, how man united missed him I don't know just shows the quality of saints acedemy. Just wish the club had something out of the Madrid deal.

18.) 30 Jul 2013
The genius that was Red faced Rupert Lowe.

19.) 30 Jul 2013
It must be hell running a football club what with being lumbered with players you don't want under contract and others walking away that you want to keep. The present system is crazy.

20.) 31 Jul 2013
When you look at the financial situation most clubs are in, if the sky money were to be cut back or move elsewhere biggest loser would be the inland revenue. Most clubs going bust

21.) 31 Jul 2013
I didn't agree with Nigel Adkins sacking but saints fans must thank mr cortese for giving the owners the confidence to invest in the club, he has done a good job so don't keep knocking him.

22.) 31 Jul 2013
Sky sports have now altered saints part of the bale to 2 million from 5

23.) 31 Jul 2013
Don't understand. Who's knocking Cortese. He's a messiah as far as i'm concerned and if he had been at the helm, Real would be talking to us now not Spurs i. e. Luke Shaw.

24.) 01 Aug 2013
Lot of fans not keen on cortese, talk to the fans. Like any boss you can't please everyone he's doing his best to make sure we stop in the top flight just hope we make a good start

25.) 02 Aug 2013
We can trust cortese he was BANKER. Just hope he doesn't give to much of saints money to greedy agents.

26.) 04 Aug 2013
Don't worry he's not using his own credit card