15 Jul 2013 12:49:32
Newcastle to bid £8 million for Southampton's Jack Cork. Pardew has been a long time admirer of Cork and detects an opportunity following the Wanyama purchase by the Saints.

1.) 15 Jul 2013
Newcastle meaning joe kinear then

2.) 15 Jul 2013
Really don't see us selling Cork as it puts us in the same position last year, relying on only 2 accomplished cdm for the entire season.

3.) 15 Jul 2013
Dream on. we don't need the money and we do need the player as part of a strong squad.

4.) 15 Jul 2013
Rubbish, he's in talks with the club over contract extension we hear.

5.) 15 Jul 2013
H aha sorry mate its only overated frenchmen for newcastle i'm affraid, plus he'd cost a fair whack more than 8 million

st stuie

6.) 15 Jul 2013
Absolute rubbish! No way would cork leave.

7.) 15 Jul 2013
No chance. Player is not for sale.

It's called having squad depth.

8.) 15 Jul 2013
Can't see us accepting or him wanting to move, he is settled down here and with MP pressing game we need 3 holding mids so they can rest occasionally.

9.) 15 Jul 2013
Rubbish, why would they say its building competition for places then sell one off? a nothing-rumour

10.) 15 Jul 2013
15 Jul 2013 16:32:35
and why would jack cork want to go
backwards by playing for newcastle
dream on
plus ashley won't spend that much

11.) 15 Jul 2013
Not going to happen! Southampton are building a strong team to challenge for Europe. Who's to say that Cork won't start? And the matchday squad is 18 players, and we need players on the bench who can come in and change the game. Competition for places is a good thing.

12.) 15 Jul 2013
Why are we ganin for crap players like this-we need quality

13.) 15 Jul 2013
Dream on!

14.) 15 Jul 2013
£8million is not enough for Cork. Southampton do not need to sell their best players and we need the rotational options. Plus I still think Cork is a 1st team player.

15.) 15 Jul 2013
Absolutely no chance wanyama, cork and scneiderlin will all play together as a 3central midfield partnership! That is the future of midfielders in epl watch this space

16.) 15 Jul 2013
Haha. Just what Newcastle need; another C midfileder

17.) 15 Jul 2013
QPR, Everton and now Newcastle. Are you the same poster? Anyway, it would be rejected. Saints are building a squad. If Pardew was such an admirer perhaps he should have bought him for Saints before he was sacked.

18.) 15 Jul 2013
Will be gutted if jack cork leaves because an unknown quantity has been purchased

19.) 15 Jul 2013
Rubbish plain and simple!

20.) 15 Jul 2013
Dream on man!

21.) 15 Jul 2013
I don't know why you all think we would turn down 8m for Cork, seems like a good deal to me. Great business. Perhaps he just doesn't fit into Poch's plans. Who knows. No smoke without fire and lots of smoke about Cork this summer.

22.) 15 Jul 2013
Why is there lots of smoke about Cork this summer I heard he'd been offered a new contract and he's an integral part of the team, why would we go back to two DM's?

23.) 16 Jul 2013
Cork does fit into the plans. Pochettino loves the level of effort from Cork and he is one of the players he speaks most highly of. In order to prize away a player of such significance to our side you'd have to put is stupid levels of cash. We don't need to sell at any reasonable price.

24.) 16 Jul 2013
I just wonder if saints are going to have an unhappy squad last years players like cork will be moving on for sure, unless they have had offers already

25.) 16 Jul 2013
It's a shame the players who got us to the prem league are gradually being released or moved on, that's life I supposed we are all used. Consolation footballers are well paid.

26.) 16 Jul 2013
The way everyone is talking saint will be having a car boot sale of their players, sad to say it but that how it is people come and go with very little loyalty either way, doubt there will be another la tiss.

27.) 17 Jul 2013
I haven't seen any smoke about cork. He is the Jovial character in the group and loves it at saints. I can see him staying at our club for long time. Wouldn't be surprise if he signs a new 4 year deal in the coming weeks